The Heart and Soul of Adventure

The characters whose lives interweave with the narrative are truly the heart and soul of any given adventure. It is their backstory — their plight — that breathes life into the veins of the story, and takes it above and beyond the simple joys of imagination. Below are the characters in the campaigns, and their backstory, barring any information that is necessary for plot development. (No meta knowledge.)


Daemon of Deephole
Unsuspecting to most, Daemon bears a striking resemblance to a neutered housecat — if the housecat could clear a twenty-person buffet table of its contents. Daemon was stricken before he could be given a traditional tribal name, and instead was named Daemon of Deephole, based on his place of growth. He was taken in and trained in the martial arts, and honed in the power of ki. As a cub, the Tabaxi was thrown to the wolves, so to speak, and expected to be eaten by the inhabitants of the starved prison: Deephole. Rather than meet his end, he was taken in under the wing of an old martial artist, who trained him in martial arts under the pretense that he would seek out vengeance once he was practiced enough to escape. And so, it was. Upon reaching the age and strength, Daemon escaped, only to discover that the enemies of his master had already perished of old age or sickness. So began Daemon’s descent into his love of food. Deprived of the finer things in life, Daemon set out to enjoy food and though he relished fighting, he ate and ate. Only recently, has he determined himself to return to his former shape, and chase the goal of becoming an Adventurer. Now, he finds himself among four other members of an adventuring party, all whom graduated the Adventurer’s Guild in Mydlan together.



mungoMungo Rumblebelly
Halfling’s aren’t well-known for their sense of adventure, even if adventure sometimes finds them. Mungo, though, isn’t your normal halfing. Trained from a young age to fight after he was abandoned at the Zhaevigan Monastery, Mungo took a little bit to learn, but after he grasped it… combat became a very prominent part of his life. Perhaps second only to food. The three things that Mungo values most is: Family, food, and fighting. Not always in that order. His pronounced enjoyment of food led to him becoming a rather proficient cook. It wasn’t necessarily that he memorized the recipes, or developed a keen skill, he was almost innately talented at cooking. As he grew older, it was determined by his “grandpas” — the Monks who raised and educated him — that he pursue his destiny. To do that, he opted to become an Adventurer by joining the Adventurer’s Guild in Mydlan.


Drow aren’t seen above the Underdark very often. They don’t like the light, and the light doesn’t like them. Much like other beings who live below the surface — with the exception of Dwarves — the people who see them don’t usually trust them. Drow families were often only above surface as indentured servants, and that’s precisely what Sylvar’s family was. Unhappy with their station and situation, Sylvar’s parents attempted to escape their bonds of servitude, only to be captured and hanged by the neck until dead. Sylvar, who was still young in Drow terms, was thrown to the streets. Having to do whatever was necessary to survive, Sylvar resorted to stealing, killing, and general debauchery to just survive. After a decision that landed him in hot water, Sylvar was given the opportunity to join the Adventurer’s Guild rather than face life in prison. Now, he fights alongside his graduating team as an Adventurer.


Tiefling children aren’t always born to other Tieflings — in fact, most are not. At some point in Temperance’s legacy, her parents — two humans — apparently had fiend in their bloodline. As a result of their mingling of blood, Temperance came to be. Rather than face the horror of their child, they dumped the infant in the forest, hoping that she would simply be devoured by a hag or a creature of the forests. Instead, Temperance was discovered by the Canus Pulchrae Circle of Druids, and adopted. As a result, her favored Wild Shape is a Dire Wolf. Devout followers of the Allmother, they came the belief that Temperance was best served as a tool of nature, balancing the natural world. To that end, she joined the Adventurer’s Guild in Mydlan.


Dragonborn are some of the most interesting creatures. They’re believed to have been created by Zentragos as protectors of the mortal world, a derivative race of his various Dragonflights. Some say they are born from the hybridization of the humanoid-form of Dragons, and another pure humanoid race. Their emergence appeared thousands of years ago, so the first Dragonborn isn’t recorded, simply that they exist… Val’riel was born within the Holy Empire of Tylaen, and as a result, was conscripted into duty as a Paladin. Her prowess granted her training and abilities usually reserved for beings graduated above knighthood, but it wasn’t a path that she desired. At the first opportunity, she escaped the boundaries of the Holy Empire, and fled south, with dreams and aspirations of becoming an Adventuring Bard. Another interesting fact about Val’riel is that she suffers from minor albinism, so rather than having the red skin of her Flight, she has a pinkish shade scale. She graduated from the Mydlan Adventurer’s Guild and now takes on the world with her graduating team.