Holy Tylaen empire

Founded as a small Kingdom some ~2,000 years ago, the Tylaen Empire has seen itself grow exponentially from a free state as unburdened slaves, to a kingdom, and now to the largest Empire in the world of Sion. The first to bear the mantle of Emperor, was Berenis Tylaen the sixteenth of his name. His claim was to have been that he made contact with Zentragos’ avatar, calling himself Gazentros, during his travels and he was prophesied to be the bringer of peace and prosperity to Sion. His account tells that he was to “trod under foot those who would denounce you.” And so, he did.
In year 22, Age of Preeminence, Emperor Berenis Tylaen XVI seized control of many bordering countries and kingdoms, sending first, gifts and trinkets, then messengers and armies. Several lands and kingdoms were swallowed up into the boundaries of the empire, including the ancestral home of the Halflings. The original acquisition was without violence, and the Emperor demanded a reasonably fealty in tax from his people, and forced no worship upon them. Unfortunately, that didn’t last.
By the 112th year of the Age of Preeminence, Emperor Berenis Tylaen XVI announced that the Orc Tribes of the north, united under the banner of the Pale Wolf Clan, had been pushed out of the boundaries of the lands, and forced either into the deep caves of the west, or out of the borders of the Kingdom. Claiming to have nearly entirely wiped out the united clans, the Empire expanded again.
By the time of their final expansion around the 200th year, AoP, the Empire controlled the lands from the eastern ocean to the western, down to the border of the Free Realm of Domen, and against the outlying Zhaevigan Desert, often considered undesirable lands.
Religiously, the Holy Empire stands as zealots against other religions. Their religion is based around their need to exert the control and oversight that Gazentros holds. It is their belief that their people are the chosen ones to dominate the world peacefully, but violently if necessary, and they are no strangers to violence. A priest by the name of Kolen Dur’issin, a Chief Clergy of Gazentros, prophesied that a dragonborn afflicted by albinism will rise to become the vessel with which Zentragos’ avatar becomes anchored. This prophecy has led to several dragonborn being arrested into the service of the Shield and Sword of Tylae.

Dwarven consortium

Made up of the five most influential mining companies from across Sion, the Dwarven Consortium is a Pentarchy that rules the Dwarvens by making decisions that benefit the people by and large.

Formed at the end of the Age of Del’kurtal, nearly 400 years ago, the Dwarves determined that rather than have a vast group of Kingdoms or Empires spread throughout the land, they would finalize and interconnect their Deep Roads, and select the five most powerful mining houses to make decisions for everyone. Though this decision still peeves many citizens off, their way of life has largely been unaffected.

Most Dwarven cities maintain a local government, with general rules passed down by the Consortium. Local governments are usually made up of a ruling family from one of the grander companies.

The companies that make up the Consortium:
The Red Axe – Arguably the most prestigious of the Dwarven Mining Companies. The Red Axe has been passed down from patriarch to patriarch, and now rests in the capable hands of Chonce Understone, the Gran’tague of Caldune.
• The Glamouring Opal
• The Golden Fortune
• The Earthen Engine
• The Crystal Chisel



These organizations are both real, active and functioning in the world, and some are just mythical. These are descriptions from scripts found throughout Sion.

Adventurer’s guild

A name almost universally known around the world. It represents members of every race, nationality, and belief system. Even in the Holy Empire, though it falls under their ultimate purview, the Adventurer’s Guild is a respected organization capable of undertaking any job, assisting with any catastrophe, or generally outdrinking the locals in the tavern.
Each Guild houses a Guildmaster, several Instructors, and multiple employees all who hold important positions ranging from receptionist to stable hand. Each guildhouse, no matter how small, has a series of rooms available to an adventurer for a night at no expense. They also offer stabling, mess, and a job board.
The Free Realm of Domen boasts the largest and most reputable guildhouse in all of Sion, existing in a tower that is dozens of stories tall, and wide. It exists as the educational home for the largest portion of adventurers, hailing from all over the globe. The guildmaster of the Adventurer’s Guild in Domen is Rykkar Leichsten, a renowned former adventurer, entrepreneur, and rumored planar guardian.
Nearly every major city in Sion boasts an adventurer’s guild, no matter how small. And even some towns have kiosks located in their markets.
One of the many features told to most recruits once they’ve signed up, is that the life expectancy of an adventurer is only two years after they sign up.

Canus Pulchrae

A Circle of Druids usually found in the forests surrounding Iristrea. These particular druids most often take the form of Dire Wolf, and use that form to run with wild Dire Wolves in the area.

Dragon monk order

Founded some three-thousand years ago in the Orilister Islands, the Dragon Monk Order was at odds with the Empire whose allegiance they swore to. Rather than fight, they relocated. In a Pilgrimage across vast ocean and continent, Master Zufu settled in the Zhaevigan Desert, a desolate and quite place of harmony. He and his students, followers of the ideals of balance and equality, represented by the Dragon God Zentragos — also called Zenlong — built the great Zhaevigan Monastery stone by stone.

Around the same time, Master Zufu would lay the groundwork for the Way of the Dragon, the signature and secret fighting style of the Order. They used their powers for those who would request it, and to defend the monastery from bandits, refraining from ever placing themselves as the aggressor in any situation. This purity of heart and mind led to the monks having a strict exclusivity to whom they would bring among their ranks as student, or visitor.

In the second year of the Age of Preeminence, Huangengg was chosen to select eight other elders to learn the greatest secrets of the Way of the Dragon. These grand powers were granted by Zentragos, himself.

Over the years, the Monks have faced great evils, and stood against the might of the Tylaen Empire — formerly their allies, now their enemies. Now, a select few remain to continue teaching the Way of the Dragon to new students.