The History of Aerstril/Sion is as steeped with myth and legend, as it is fact. Throughout the ages there are whispers of long-forgotten civilizations, fallen gods, and servant uprisings. There are long-dead evils, and newly-arisen goods. There are now strict lore-keepers that track the important events of the world, but it has not always been so. It is possible that this record is incomplete, or even untrue, but it is as accurate as we can surmise.


Before Time (??? – 25,000 Years Ago in the Age of Celestialus)

  • Boraduun formed the planes of existence. Some were intentional, and some were accidental in origin — a byproduct of the others’ formation. The planes are neither dark, nor light.
  • Boraduun and Almaritha are wed, how Almaritha came to be is unknown.
  • Alanaea is born, the glory of her birth celebrated by the spontaneous existence of stars. Alanix follows shortly, shadowed by her birth, bringing forth darkness.
  • Almaritha formed the planetary bodies from the matter of the planar creation. She seeded the forests, the rivers, and the seas. Her hands moulded the planet of the gods, Aerstril — known now as Sion — a place for the gods to gather, speak, and discuss.
  • Illarien took her demi-children with her back to the realm of Siristriellen, where they were attacked by Alanix. Illarien expended all of her Celestial powers opening the Crystal Cave, the physical remnants of a magical portal.
  • The Fey Wilds are created by this gateway’s creation, bleeding remnants of Siristriellen into a demi-plane.
  • Illarien ascends to full godhood by hand of the Allmother as a reward for her selflessness. Illarien’s children come to call themselves Illves. 
  • Barimnok creates the Stoneborn.
  • Gnomes, Halflings, Orcish, and many lesser races come into existence.
  • Boraduun and Almaritha took their first rest.
  • Almaritha created her demi-children, one by one. Illarien, Barimnok, Knave, Philistook, and Maridonna. It is believed that the elemental plane also naturally birthed Wild Gods into the material realm at this time.
  • The God War. The reason is yet unknown, but several holy texts record a time in which all the deities warred against one another. In this time, so much celestial power collided, that the planes of existence overlapped in several places. Armies of devout followers, created in their own planes of existence, marched forth onto Sion. It was ended when a blast of Celestial energy gravely injured Almaritha who came between the siblings Alanaea and Alanix. Her essence retreated to the moon, where it now remains. Boraduun awoke from his slumber and returned, exhausting a great deal of his immense power, banishing the gods’ true forms from the material plane, and creating the Edicts of the Allfather (a physical creation binding the gods to their planes).  This great expenditure of power is believed to be what created magic. Boraduun simultaneously created the god-dragon Zentragos, to moderate the power of the world, and the balance of the planes.
  • Boraduun retreated to his resting place, never to be seen — or heard from — again.

The Ordering (<10,000 – 5,000 Years Ago in the Age of Cirinthul)

  • The Illves are fractured, calling themselves Elves. They degrade over time, becoming High Elves, Wood Elves, Wild Elves, Aquatic Elves, and Drow.
  • The Stoneborn lose much of their celestial power, calling themselves Dwarves.
  • The first humans are seen. Some allege Almaritha seeded this mortal race. Devout followers of Alanaea and Faradomen claim that their respective deity is reponsible for the creation of humans. Their arrival is unknown.
  • The High Elves organize the first Empire, called the Mythrindun Ah’Tinodum, and dominated most of the world. Archeological remains still stand from thousands of years ago.
  • The Dwarves form the Stoneborn Empire, following the Elves’ example. Their empire is a massive architectural accomplishment, as the Empire was interconnected all over the continents by the Deep Roads.
  • The Taw’ixikrul, a cult group following the whispers of Alanix begin attempting to find ways to return the god to the Aerstril, so that he may dominate all the races, and take his father’s power by killing him. (It is stated that Boraduun rests in Aerstril – this is first recorded ~6,000 years ago.)
  • Alinaea’s Avatar of Light appears to humans, forming the first Paladin Order, and inspiring them to destroy the Taw’ixicrul whose forces had grown into an Empire to rival the Mythrindun Ah’Tinodum.

Rise of Mortals (~5,000 – ~2,000 Years in the Age of Mortalis)

  • The First Great War of Power (~5,000 Years Ago), is the first great mortal war, believed to have encompassed the whole planet. Said to have lasted 500 years, both the Empire of Taw’ixicrul saw it’s downfall, as did the Mythrindun Ah’Tinodum.
  • Humanity rises from the ashes, not as slaves or weaker races, but as equals.
  • The first Monarchy is formed under King Tenathis Mynerval. He is crowned by the council of Elders — made up of the eldest Elves and Dwarves. The first Elven Queen is crowned, and the first Dwarven King. They become the Triumvirate of Sion. Together, they controlled and oversaw the majority of the world. Territory maps are redrawn, people are at peace for thousands of years.
  • The Second Great War of Power (~2,000 Years Ago), is the second great mortal war that encompassed the whole planet. Lasting 100 years, or more, this war saw the splintering of the Triumvirate of Sion, that lasted for around a thousand years. It saw the suppression of the Drow, forcing them underground, and the banishment of the Orcish tribes.

The Re-Ordering (~2,000 – ~0 Years Ago in the Age of Del’kurtal)

  • The various Human, Elven, Dwarven, Gnomish Kingdoms, and the Halfling Freefolk, Orcish Tribes, and the tiny Dragonborn Kingdom, under the banner of the Tylaen Bloodline, maintain a tenuous relationship of trade.
  • Minor border disputes grow into skirmishes, relenting land here and there.
  • The Battle of Mydlan is fought, establishing the Free Realm of Domen, the first land without governmental control. Several races exist together, freely interacting.
  • (~1,000 Age of Del’kurtal) Many Kingdoms rise and fall in continued skirmishes.
  • (~0 Age of Del’kurtal) The Council of Surmount meets and agrees that Kings and Queens maintain their kingdoms as a holding of their power and nobility. They are responsible for the well-being of their citizens, and that the races present at the Council of Surmount are welcome within any Kingdom in the Council. This precedent places equality upon the heads of all races, and is the start of the first agreeable time in history since the Second Great War of Power. Dwarves reorganize their society as a Consortium, allying all the Mining Companies as the leadership body.

Modern Age (The Age of Pre-Eminence) 

  • 22 AoP – The Tylaen Kingdom evokes an ancient birth rite, and under King Berenis Tylaen XVI, establishes the Holy Empire of Tylaen, while also claiming ancient bordering lands, and using Zentragos as their deity. Uncontested, the new Empire grows substantially.
  • 23 AoP – The Holy Order of Zentragos, the Paladin Order within the Empire, began subjugating aberrant mages, specifically those who used non-conventional magics like necromancy and sanguine sources. The Order, by power of the Emperor and the head of the Ordeariate (the church within the Empire), began passing regulations for users of magics to those who did not belong to, or fight for, the Empire.
  • 43 AoP – The Ten Year Winter began.
  • 53 AoP – Year of the Sun. For the first time in ten years, it is able to be determined what losses were effected. Over one-quarter of the world’s population was killed in the unending cold.
  • 54 AoP – The Mydlan Adventurer’s Guild is rebuilt, becoming a towering structure that Mydlan is rebuilt around.
  • 55 AoP – The Adventurer’s Guild dispatches its first New Wave Adventurer’s to deal with an influx of Goblins, Orc Raiders, and other undesireables that surfaced to attack recovering settlements and kingdoms.
  • 60 AoP – Adventurer’s from the variety of Adventurer’s Guilds are credited for “holding the kingdoms together”.
  • 112 AoP – The Holy Empire of Tylaen purges the chaotic Orc tribes of the north, claiming their lands as their own.
  • 226 AoP – The party of explorer’s with Doran Wildbeard went missing while attempting to map the North Pole, never to be seen again.
  • 253 AoP – The village of Manston is overcome with madness. After a team of Paladins quell the madness and violence, the only person to resist the madness is a Priest, who claims that they found a scroll with the name “Nuudarob”, who they claimed was a Mad God. (This is the first time that name has ever been mentioned, historically.)
  • 343 AoP – Domen, the last truly Free Realm in the World of Sion, fell to the Holy Tylaen Empire, and the flag of Gazentros, the Mighty One. The city of Mydlan is claimed as a new strategic point for the Empire, and the Emperor himself is said to be overseeing the city’s new stance as a southern capital of the Empire. (Present Day)