LordRykkarLeikstenLord Rykkar Lykstein
The Guildmaster of the Adventurer’s Guild in Mydlan. Now in his mid-fifties, Rykkar has seen more than his share of adventure. In his youngest years, Rykkar was the noble-born child of a wealthy family. His father was a politician. On a terribly stormy night, his family — save for he and his brother — were sacrificed by Alanixian cultists. He managed to get his brother to the safety of an orphanage, while doing what was necessary to survive on the streets. At some point, he was picked up by his lifelong mentor, Rodya. The warrior-turned-ranger, Rodya took him under his arm and showed him the way of the world. Rykkar went on to become a pronounced warrior in his own right, finally taking back the mantle of the Lykstein name and moderating his wealth as a merchant and adventurer simultaneously. At some point, he met and fell in love with Madison Ystril’n, an Elven princess. A few years into their knowing one another, they were married. Rykkar eventually became a planar guardian, before retiring and becoming the guild master at the Mydlan Adventurer’s Guild.


Janna Dovinsjanndovins
The older widow who the players encountered during their first mission. Janna Dovins used to be a baker in Mydlan, married to a famous blacksmith. Janna Dovins is your stereotypical sweet old woman, and her four cats are her life.  Well, they were. When her cats went missing, she called upon the Adventurer’s Guild to help. The eventual outcome involved the party finding a Dire Rat King, killing him, and then by a stroke of luck… finding kittens to return to Miss Dovins.






Bryan WellsBryanWells
One of the farmer’s north of Mydlan in the Upper Fields region. Bryan Wells has been having an issue with his farm being torn apart every night. Wheelbarrows, fences, and everything ending up in shambles. Still managing to pick up enough crop to make a living, Bryan Wells scraped up enough coin to call about the Adventurer’s Guild for help.







An alchemist and potionmaker whose workshop stands in Mydlan. Situated somewhere in the back alleys, his shop makes the potions that are harder to find. Moleg has sought out the Adventurer’s Guild to help him by finding a rare, glowing, green-frilled mushroom that seems to only appear at night.











Tal’ik Ungrobin
A Paladin of Zentragos, and servant of the Holy Tylaen Empire. Formerly interested in Val’riel, he has since been tasked to find Val’riel and bring her home. When he found her in the middle of the Mydlan Market, right in front of the Adventurer’s Guild, he let her escape.








Uliana (Ancient Copper Dragon)e4afc1c921b38e996daa1bf709ebaa2c
The human form of an Ancient Copper Dragon who met the adventuring party after luring them into her lair at the promise of a dragon’s hoard. Now, this wasn’t entirely untrue, because after several pranks and harmless traps, the adventurers discovered several seemingly useless magical items. Uliana rewarded the team with some platinum pieces, and sent them merrily on their way.






Chonce Understone
Leader of the Red Axe, one of the founding organizations of the Dwarven Consortium, and also the Citystate governor — Gran’Tague — for Caldune.

Brin Yellowleaf

The daughter of the city leader of Da’hun. Also the current owner and operator of the Flighty Wyvern tavern and inn. After the death of her father, Jannon Yellowleaf, during the Tylaen Empire invasion, she has now stepped up to become the Townmistress. Her son stays in close proximity to her at all times, and has for the last two years.

Indoran Tones

Famous explorer, adventurer, and archaeology professor at the University of Meyorne. Indoran led the party to a horde of red dragon’s treasure atop the Mountain overtop of Caldune.

Dentris Milar

Hag, and the cursed mother of Temperance, the Tielfing Druid journeying with the party. Once pretending to be a woman just south of Mydlan, on the path to Meyorne, she revealed her trueself to the party and threatened to kill them.

Archmage Tassit

The leader of the Order of Thaine, the magical order responsible for training wizards in Meyorne.